5G agricultural machinery, the Internet of Things, smart phones … the rural new home for changes in the three farmers

  Xu Linsheng, deputy general manager of Zibo Hefeng Seed Industry Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the spray irrigation function realizes variable watering.

"For example, the humidity of the soil in this area is 30%, and the area is 60%. If you want to unify 70%, then the spray and irrigation machine will spray the speed quickly to 30%. Reduce the amount of water spray. After the standard is achieved, the opportunity to spray irrigation will automatically stop the operation and achieve precise water use.

"With the development of technology, 5G agricultural machinery and the Internet of Things are becoming a new home in rural my country. In the past, traditional agricultural production concepts and operating models are changing. Ecological, efficient, and intelligent development. The reporter saw in the ecological unmanned farm that there was a sensor equipment every tens of meters, with a solar panel on it and a wireless launch device below.

The drone flew over, and the farm’s smart cloud platform control room showed that "the drone spectrum monitoring found that there are weeds on the No. 2 plot, it is recommended to start the No. 1 plant protection machine for weeding." In the wheat harvest season, the staff only needs to set up latitude and longitude coordinates, and the unmanned harvester starts to work. When an obstacle is automatically avoided, the ground will turn to the ground. Homework … Xu Linsheng introduced that there are multiple drones over the farm up with high spectrum and multi -spectrometer analyzers to monitor the growth of crops and diseases and insect pests; Data such as degree, acres of ears.

"In the past, the height and inversion rate of wheat plants depended on the manual, which was not only tired, but also the accuracy rate was not high. Now the drone is flying again, and the accuracy rate is almost 100 %. We will introduce big data into the system. Sex can provide decisions for choosing a product with excellent comprehensive characteristics, "he said. With high -tech, new farmers can not only achieve remote control, operational monitoring, path planning, etc. of unmanned agricultural machinery through integrated IoT and cloud platform technology, but also use the Beidou Global Satellite Positioning System to obtain high -precision geographical information of unmanned agricultural machinery in real time. You can also use a mobile phone to master the growth of crops and control agricultural activities. Cui Jiangyuan, a villager in Cui Lingxi Village, Shouguang City, Shandong Province, told reporters that he could look at the growth of vegetables in the greenhouse through a mobile phone and achieve drip irrigation watering, ventilation, and temperature control temperature through mobile phones.

In the past, the two sons are going to work for more than half a day, and now you can complete your fingers at home.

  A full set of intelligent devices plus the "small transformation" in the shed, making his greenhouse full of technology. "The tomatoes that are planted are good at, and the market price is 20%higher than ordinary tomatoes. It can earn 40,000 more yuan a year." Cui Jiangyuan said. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of rural infrastructure, the vast number of rural docking "clouds" have entered the "fast track" of high -quality development.

The accelerated integration of digital technology and agriculture and rural areas is changing agricultural production and also changing rural life.