"Red Imprint – Heilongjiang 100-year Party Structure Online Exhibition"

Online viewing hall, red past 3D presents fresh, such as Yun Yun Master Party History, Longjiang memory, a finger, a hundred years, Heilongjiang 100-year party history online exhibition hall! Recently, the "Red Ink of Heilongjiang 100-year Party", which is planned by the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee. "

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Jia Yumei attended the launching ceremony.

On the 100th anniversary of celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of China, Heilongjiang Provincial Committee will celebrate the organic combination of the party’s 100-year-old and party history education. Pavilion project. "Online Exhibition Hall" is divided into three parts: "Song of the Sacrifice", "The Road" of the Dedication ", with a hundred classic historical scene with a hundred years of time, and integrate text, picture, Red information such as video, audio, through storytelling, visualization, interactive guidance, immersion experience, vividly and re-existing people of Heilongjiang under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the hard exploration and hard exploration of the upper and down, and Advance, from victory to the brilliant great course. History is the best textbook.

Looking back in the Hundred Years of the Heilongjiang Party, the Chinese Communists are tenacious and struggled, unremitting struggles, and forging, the northeast anti-liais, the spirit of the north and the spirit, the spirit of the Daqing, the spirit of the ironman, and the spirit of black land.

These valuable spiritual wealth across time and space, lasting years, has been deeply integrated into the blood of Heilongjiang.

"Red Ink – Heilongjiang 100-year Party Strike Network" is a new media technology to rely on new media technology to activate the red resources formed in long-term revolution, construction and reform process, readable The sensible network propagation product, to create a new online red educational base to provide a fresh textbook for the study of party history education, rich nourishment, guide the netizens, the history of history, the history of history, the history of history.

Provincial Committee, Member, Provincial Committee Party History Learning Education Emphasis, the Secretary of the Provincial Committee, the Provincial Party Committee Research Office, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, the person in charge of the provincial key news website and the central news site The representative attended the event at the main venue, and the responsible comrades of the 13 city (ground) Net letter office participated in the video.