Chinese brand cars are favored in Russia

  According to data recently released by the European Business Association, in 2021, the total sales of Chinese brand cars in Russia reached 10,000, which turned over from 2020, and its share in the Russian passenger car market increased by nearly 7%. Chinese brands are increasingly favored by Russian consumers. In the first half of 2021, the Russian automobile market ushered in a rebound, but as the inventory consumption and supply chain continued to be tight, the overall sales trend gradually decreased in the second half of last year. In this context, Chinese brand cars with reliable quality, high cost performance, and sufficient supply have become a highlight in the Russian car sales market.

In 2021, Haval, Chery, and Geely Automobile’s sales in Russia increased by 125%, 224%, and 59%year -on -year. Haval Motors ranked among the top ten in the Russian car market for several months. Compared with the situation of large -scale price increases and extension of order delivery in some European and American auto brands, the advantages of China’s auto brands in the industrial chain and supply chain protection have been fully manifested.

  Chinese brand cars can be recognized by Russian consumers. In addition to the quality of the product itself, it also benefits from accurate grasp of market demand.

Russia is long in winter, roads are attacked by ice and snow, and road conditions are complicated and diverse. Russian families have a large population of average population, and they have a large demand for pulling people.

To this end, Chinese car companies have launched a series of models in a targeted manner, which is welcomed. At the same time, the process of Chinese automotive brands in Russia is continuously accelerating. In April last year, Haval officially started the car engine factory in the Uzrova Industrial Park in Tulla. Lavroxin, vice chairman of the Tura State Government, said that the factory is of great significance to promote the development of Tura’s automotive industry. The factory is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, with an annual production engine of about 80,000 units.

In addition to improving the construction of automobile production supporting industries in Russia, the Haval Automobile Factory will also optimize the production and marketing model in 2022, and it is expected that automobile production and sales will increase further. Both the Russian automotive industry media and experts are optimistic about the development prospects of Chinese automobile brands in Russia. In order to stimulate car consumption, the Russian government has set a budget of 20 billion rubles (about 1.7 billion yuan) to provide support measures such as vehicle loan discounts and issuing vehicle purchase subsidies.

The Russian satellite network recently published an article pointed out that in this context, with its own industrial chain advantages, research and development and manufacturing potential, and continuous improvement, Chinese brand cars are expected to win more market share.

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