5.5G to create a 10-dollar experience, so that 100 billion connects 55G to create a 10-兆 experience-shopping guide information

[Abstract] Today, during the 2022 Huawei Global Analyst Conference, the general manager of Huawei’s wireless network sector Gao Zhongzhong made the theme on the "deepening the transformation of digital wisdom". Today, during the 2022 Huawei Global Analyst Conference, the general manager of Huawei’s wireless network sector Gao Zhongzhong made the theme on the "deepening the transformation of the wisdom".

Gao Quanzhong stated: "Digital wisdom society has core characteristics such as false and real integration, digital twin, and human -machine collaboration. In the human production and life and innovation model, it will undergo profound changes. Social core infrastructure. "Thousands of trillion experiences of 100 billion connectivity brings huge industrial value 5G and like the upper half of the game. The first half of the 5G has opened a wisdom society. Digital wisdom society transition.

Positioning the core infrastructure of the wisdom society will bring huge industrial value. In the traditional communication, it will bring a huge jumping ability. Support the super -connection capabilities such as 10Gbps, uplink GBPS, broadband real -time interaction, and 100 billion IoT, so that in the future, the virtual world, digital twin and human -machine collaboration are the same core scenes; On the other hand, it will also support the ability of perception and high -precision positioning to surpass the connection, providing sufficient motivation for future smart cities, digital social reconstruction and operators to continue to explore new industries. From, each semi -generation technology has increased by about 30 times the rate compared to the previous generation, and the jump of each rate directly promotes the upgrade of the industry.

3GHSPA+pushed the advent of smartphones and pushed mobile video towards high -definition. The Pan -Magazine experience will inevitably activate the AR/VR industry. Broadband real -time interaction will bring the full -sensitive and full interactive immersive experience into reality. The upward Gigabit and millisecond interaction delay will fully collect and control the large data collection and real -time control of the large data collaboration of the human machine cloud brain collaboration with the massive data of digital twins. In terms of TOB, the most comprehensive IoT capabilities will be supported. The module type will cover the full series of leaning components from industrial-grade high-speed to RedCap, Redcapevo, NB-IoT, and Seduction Union from GBPS to KBPS. Different cost gears will provide the most suitable IoT solution for Internet of Things equipment, the highest cost -effective terminal type, comprehensively enable the Wisdom Federation to provide the most powerful industrial support for the 100 billion connection.

  It will also provide an epoch -making ability to transcend the connection. Base station communication will have endogenous perception capabilities. One network uses multiple supporting communication and perception. In the future, more and more autonomous driving equipment, such as drones, autonomous cars, robots and other equipment will be popularized. These equipment affects the surrounding environment very strong, but the ability to assume social responsibility and legal responsibility is very weak. How to pass how to pass it. The ability of communication perception integration is to achieve empty integration. It is another major core value of a harmonious and wisdom society that builds high -efficiency governance at low -altitude security, smart transportation vehicle coordination, and high -speed rail perimeter perception. In the past, business and networks were decoupled, which often easily caused the two parties to be based on the most conservative assumptions when formulating business plans. It was very detrimental to the rapid popularization of business and the rapid iteration and development of the entire industry. In fact, the data frame on the content side is naturally universal, and the fluctuation of wireless network signals is also natural physical characteristics.

If the business side and content side notify each other through simple signaling, the win -win results of 1+1 greater than 2 will be produced.

It will open the door of business and network collaborative innovation to build an open and win -win coordination mechanism.

  Network 1+1+N, comprehensively deepen the historical mission of the infrastructure of digital society in order to achieve the value of these industrial intelligence, and to build a continuously covered 10,000 -signs on the 5G Gigabit Base Network. Experience layer to support the key business scenarios that support high -value and progress in future social innovation and progress of virtual and real broadband interaction, cloud human -machine coordination, and TOB digital twin. At the same time, new capabilities such as the integration of generalization, passive objects, and high -precision positioning can be deployed on the ND sub -space as needed. This is the concept of "1+1+N", which emphasizes high -level China. Spectrum is the core production factors of operators and the most critical element of network construction.

+1+N concept of building a network, providing a large bandwidth spectrum below 7GHz is the cornerstone of the 10D experience and broadband real -time interaction. In the future, the 6GHz spectrum brings together the most core technical elements of the two major bandwidth and Massivemimo, which will have unprecedented investment efficiency and value in Bit Energy efficiency and bit costs.

  In terms of uplink, the SUB3G spectrum supports the full -scale spectrum use mode, which can use the lowest energy consumption to achieve the demand for upper GBPS and the capacity of mass uploading. In the evolution of core technology, the Elaa-MM (ultra-large-scale antenna array M-MIMO) will increase the coverage capacity through the green non-passive array, and the deployment method of distributed ELAA-MM will be disturbed into energy, which greatly reduces invalidation. Energy radiation, combined with the advantages of large bandwidth, achieve 10 times the effectiveness of bit energy, and build an efficient green network. In terms of network intelligence, endogenous innovative capabilities are provided with empty mouth intelligence, environmental perception, and network twin to create new engines and new experiences.

  The healthy development requires the joint construction of industry partners to work together, and in depth in various aspects of the Internet, ecology, business, etc., and calling on the parties to all parties to the industry chain on the large bandwidth spectrum distribution, the full -scale spectrum use model, the use of operators everywhere to use everywhere, everywhere is everywhere The base station infrastructure supports continuous exploration and innovation in the direction of future smart cities, green intelligence, and terminal ecological development in the future, to realize the dream of building a beautiful society to build a beautiful society.