Signage on the 14th of the Mandarin Test of Shaanxi Province Start on the 14th

  In the first half of 2022, Shaanxi Province launched a Putonghua level test to the public. All citizens over 18 years of age can apply for the test voluntarily.

The registration time is twice, and the relevant information after submission cannot be modified and irrevocable.

  Candidates remind candidates that teachers and students of ordinary universities and secondary vocational schools who have not set up test stations shall be organized by the school to register and contact the testing station by themselves to resolve the test or report to the Provincial Language Committee to coordinate and resolve it. Teachers and students who have established a test station, participated in the Putonghua level test organized by the school, and consulting the school’s relevant departments.

If there is any violation of this provision, other test stations have the right to deal with the processing that does not accept testing.

  Our province has determined that the first registration time is from March 14th to 17th; the second registration time is from May 9th to 12th. Registration can be performed through the computer and mobile phone. Registration for the computer network, log in to the "online registration system of Mandarin level testing in Shaanxi Province" according to the prompts; download the "Changyan Pu Call" app on the mobile side, select "Exam Registration" on the homepage after registration, select "Provincial", "City/ City/ The institution "testing station" and "test time" are registered.

  In accordance with the provisions of the Provincial Price Bureau and the Provincial Department of Finance, the person who voluntarily accepts the test fees will be charged at 40 yuan/person.

The examinee can voluntarily choose to participate in training or purchase textbooks, and no unit or individual may be forced. Test payment is mainly on -site payment.

Individual test stations can be paid online and shall prevail on the relevant information when registering. At that time, candidates can log in to the relevant columns in the "Shaanxi Provincial Mandarin Level Test Online Registration System" or "National Mandarin Training Test Information Resource Network".

Putonghua level test grade certificate is divided into paper certificates and electronic certificates, and the two have the same effect. In accordance with the requirements of the normalization of the new crown pneumonia, all the testers wear masks scientifically in the test, and the body temperature is measured normally.

Whether the 48 -hour kernel check -negative test form is provided on the day of the test, it is determined by each test station. (Reporter Zhang Yangang).