Continue to do "six steady", "six guarantees" work

[Introduction] Continue to do six stable, six guarantees, the three-bright day commentator, the three-bright daily commentator of the Central Economic Work Conference, is steady. Central Economic Work Conference on December 8th to 10th, summed up this year’s economic work, and the current economic situation, deploying economic work next year, and explains many new major theoretical and practical problems, deepening regular understanding of economic work. , In the demand for the total economic work of next year, a stable word is highlighted. Adhere to the steady and advancement of the working tone, we need to do six stable and six guarantees in the practice level.

This year is a milestone in the history of the party and the country.

We have been grandly celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, achieving the first hundred years of struggle, opening the new journey to the second hundred years of struggle to enter the new journey, and achieve the 14th Five-Year Plan. Whether it is calm response to a hundred years of change in the century, or the growth of the national strategic technology, whether it is to improve the industrial chain toughness, but also strongly protect people’s livelihood, there is a strategic endurance, steady work method. It is more empirical, but also to maintain a smooth and healthy economic environment, the social environment of Cathay Thailand, and the political environment of the wind.

In the face of the contraction of the demand in my country’s economic development, the impact is expected to weaken, we must continue to do six stable, six guarantees, especially the insurance, protect people’s livelihood, protect the market main body, and keep the 上海品茶高端会所 economy in reasonable intervals. Strengthening and improving macroeconomic regulation, increasing macroeconomic policy across cycle regulation, and improving the forward-looking, targetedness of macroeconomic regulation.

Treatment of people’s livelihood, strengthened people.

On the one hand, it is necessary to continue to implement new tax cuts to the market entities, helping them, especially small 上海湾区spa品茶 and medium-sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households to reduce their daring, and restore development. Increase the intensity of entity economic financing, promote the increment, expanded and price reduction of small and medium-sized micro enterprises.

Do a good job in the employment of key groups, and implement the fall and unstable employment initiatives. Promote the sinking of financial resources, and better support the grassroots government to implement the policy of helping the projects and the basic people’s livelihood insurance. Strengthen the regulation of coal-electric oil and transportation, promote power supply.

On the one hand, we must deepen the reform of key areas, more stimulate market vitality and development in the development, and use marketization mechanism to motivate corporate innovation investment.

Promote a variety of ownership economic development, optimize private economic development environments, protect all kinds of market subject rights and legitimate rights and interests, and policies should be treated equally.

Expand high levels of openness, measures and stabilize foreign trade, and ensure the stability of the industrial chain supply, and increase attractive foreign investment.

As a result, the level of magnitude is gripped, and the details are controlled.

Sixty-stable, six guarantees, need to respect the objective and practical and mass needs at all levels, systematic thinking, scientific planning, considering political and economic, reality and history, material and cultural, development and people’s livelihood, resources and ecology , Domestic and international factors, in practice, correctly understand and grasp new major theories and practical problems, and fall into the spirit of the central economic work conference. Under the impact of the Epidemic, the 100-year increase will accelerate the evolution. The external environment is more complicated and uncertain. We must closely unite around the party of the party in the core of Xi Jinping, continue to improve people’s livelihood, maintain a smooth operation, maintain the social overall situation, Excellent development answers, people’s livelihood answers greet the party’s twenty victory. "Guangming Daily" (December 14, 2021) You think this article:.