Baotou City scientific research and experimental development funds ranked first in alliances – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily, 2020 National Science and Technology Funds Input Statistics Publication is officially announced, Baotou City scientific research and experimental development funds RD investment accounts accounts, Da Yun, the first place in alliances in the autonomous region.

According to the publication of data, the national R & D investment invested by the country, and the autonomous region R & D puts more%. In order to implement the innovative driving development strategy, we will continue to deepen the "Technology Xingtun" action, and solve the short board of scientific and technological innovation research and development as soon as possible. The Baotou Municipal Government will organize the city’s scientific and technological research and development costs to investigate the operation of the action work, formulate and release Special work implementation plan.

The city’s science and technology, and the financial department actively recommend enterprises to declare the national and autonomous regional scientific and technological plan projects, and the statistics departments will in depth in the county area to carry out more than 50 scientific and technological statistics business. Effective strengthening the main responsibility of the Natan enterprises in all regions Consciousness, "One-on-one" "hand handle" helps enterprises to improve scientific research capabilities, investigate and solve potential problems, fundamentally solve the distribution of science and technology research and development costs, RD input statistics, and technology preferential policies are not synchronized, do not match problems. For some high-tech enterprises, the RD input of the technology-based SMEs and the implementation of the "two difficulties and two expectations" issues, the Baotou City Science and Technology Bureau develops and promotes the application of major data statistical analysis platform systems for science and technology elements, relying on informationization Techniques Improve Enterprise R & D expenses collection and RD input statistical data quality, and achieve significant results. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" 上海工作室高端水磨 period, Baotou City will be based on the construction regional innovation center, in-depth development of R & D fees to investigate and attack, ensure that the government puts the rigid growth mechanism, and effectively implement the scientific and technological innovation incentive policy, and strives to improve the precision service level of key enterprises. , Fully mobilize the research and development of enterprises 上海水磨服务体验 and institutions to investive, so that the new movement of technology innovation has become the main engine that leads the high quality development of Baotou ‘s economy.

(Reporter Gger Levo).