Chongqing regulations increased by 9.7% in May

  Chongqing Daily reported that July 1, from the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, in May this month, the city’s increase in industrial increased value increased, which has increased the new high growth in 2018, from 1 to February, March, April, respectively. , A percentage 上海龙凤千花1314 point.

  The person in 上海498的水磨干磨 charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee said that under the way in which the industrial economy in the industrial economy in the past three months, the increase in industrial increased value growth rate in the city in January-May is lower than the national percentage point in January-February. percentage point. According to reports, the output value of multiple pillar industries accelerates rebounded and has become an important tension of the industrial economy in our city. In May, the city’s auto industry increased by weight, and the annual increase in the year; the electronics industry increased, continued to maintain double-digit growth; materials, equipment, consumer goods and motorcycle industries increased by%,%,%,%, continued stable Growth.

  Multi-class key products 爱上海新人验证交流区 speed up the production, which is another highlight of the city’s industrial economy in May. The data shows that in May, the city’s auto output reached 10,000, of which the cars grow, SUV growth%; smart watches, tablets, monitors, laptop outputs increased by%,%,%,%; wind turbines growth times; excavation The shovel transportation machinery increases the mechanical growth; the medical equipment has increased.

(Reporter Xiayuan) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).