Blowing a Centennial Party towards the future of the entrunciation – Tianjin expert scholar carefully studies the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China

  Tianjin Northern Network News: Concentrated the 上海品茶微信桑拿酒店 Centennial Junction Immortal History Poetry, opening a new chapter in great career. In the past few days, the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee continued to trigger a strong response in the city experts. Everyone said that don’t forget yesterday’s suffering, innocent today’s mission, and not will be more close to tomorrow. In the party center of the party in the core of Xi Xi Ping, I have implemented the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of China, with the history of the future, create the future, burying the head, and brave, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the greatness of the Chinese nation Revival Chinese dreams do not struggle.

  The initial heart mission of the century-round journey casts the magnificent epic 上海浦东品茶论坛 in the century. This is a hundred-year-old party to enter the future of the future, and continue to work. Inscribed with a historical consciousness of a Marxist political party, record an ancient nation firmly. Endy figure.

  Learning to implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session, fully understand the major achievements of the party’s 100-year struggle, firmly confidently confidently and accurately grasp the valuable experience of the 100-year-old party history, use the party’s historical revelation; implement the great call of the Party Central Committee , Shoulder the historical mission of the new era.

Wang Yongli, deputy principal and municipal party school, director of the Municipal Party School, said that the party school of the Municipal Party Committee has effectively enhanced the ideological consciousness and action consciousness of learning and implementing the spirit of the Plenary, putting the research, promoting, and explains the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session as the current and future period. Major political tasks, earnestly grasp the study and understanding, and integrate teaching training in a timely manner, strengthen research and publicity and interpretation, and ensure that the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session is implemented in the city’s party school system.

  The people are a historic creator and is a real hero. Looking back at the party’s century journey, the party’s history and reality have always been demonstrating the deep truth of the people who persist in the people. Director, director of the Philosophy of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, Zhang Yonglu, said that the people’s position is the fundamental political position of the Communist Party of China, standing in the people’s position, and implements the party’s mass line, always keeps flesh and blood with the people, is the party to overcome all difficulties and risks Fundamental guarantee.

The party’s history and practice have repeatedly proved that adhering to the fundamental position of the people, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, our party can always win the support and support of the people, promote the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

  Drawing smart strength and valuable experience, the cultivation, which is the fate of China’s young people in the times, always closely connect with the historical process of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

In the future, it belongs to youth, I hope to send youth, for the party’s education, for the national training, and work in a generation.

  As a college thinking, I want to study the rich connotation and core essentials of learning the spirit of the Plenary Session. Cheng Shiyu, a young teacher of Tianjin University, said that it will learn from the history of wisdom and valuable experience from the history of the 100-year party, and use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking to arm the mind, and further integrate it into the intentional class, actively innovate the form, guide Young students deeply understand the two established decisive significance, firm four confidence, and the national conditions of the family, becoming a new era of ethnic rejuvenation.

  We must earnestly put our thoughts and actions to the party’s decision-making deployment, and understand the spirit of the Plenary, learn from it.

Professor Li Chaoyang, deputy dean, deputy dean of the Marxist College of Tianjin Normal University, said that in-depth development of the socialist thinking into the textbooks, enter the classroom, enter the mind, and use the new era of China. Young students, guide college students to determine four self-confidence, unswervingly of the party, listen to the party Chinese, and cultivate the socialist builders and successors who have a comprehensive development of morality.

  Constantly casting the new glory of Chinese culture, the cohesiveness of the whole society is a country, a nation’s soul. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping, the party center of Xi Jinping is highly attached to the cultural construction, especially the cultural confidence and road confidence, theoretical self-confidence, and systematic confidence, and the four confidence of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The goal of strong country, promoting cultural construction and has achieved significant historical achievements. Cultural soft power is a booster, political civilization, and a social harmonious binder.

Li Zhuo, deputy researcher, Institute of Ethics, Tianjin, said that China’s cultural soft power in socialist cultural powers in the new development stage, casting Chinese cultural soft power with strong sense of condity and influence, must adhere to the guiding position in the field of ideology, Stick to the Chinese cultural position, firmly cultivate and confident, adhere to the cultural construction of socialist core values, improve the level of social civilization, enhance public cultural service level, and improve the three main needs of modern cultural industry systems.

I believe that with the continuous advancement of my country’s modernization, the construction of strong socialist cultural powers will have to take a more solid pace, and continue to create new brilliant Chinese culture. The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China has adopted the resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist 上海松江大学城有多少学生 Party of China.

Xing Hongmei, Professor, Marxist College, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, said that it is necessary to take a variety of forms, learning well, good publicity, and implement the spirit of the 19th National President of the Party, and timely integrate the spirit of the Plenary in the Classroom and Curriculum Construction, guide College students enter the mind, see the effect, firmly four confidence, shouldering the mission of the strong country, and do the new era socialist builders and successors.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).