Agricultural Bank of China Chongqing Branch Chongqing multi-faceted initiatives to help the development of the industry

  People Chongqing September 23 for the electric power market and stronger 上海干磨工作室微信 facet of Chongqing, make the brand in recent days, the Chongqing Branch of Agricultural Bank of China for the relevant farmers market, business entities within the business, continue to do deep meticulous personal credit, household loans Recommend docking, continue to meet the financing needs of major business entities in the market, Take Measures to support facet of Chongqing industry chain development. The bank payment 上海油压群 and settlement focus on strengthening cooperation on the online "pay business e" "Integrated cash register" and other products based on the industry to solve the facets that payment, deposit, joining fees payment and settlement issues. Online payment and give full play to ABC polymerization acquiring services functions, experience the friendly and other advantages, provide full-channel mobile phones, bank cards and other payment and settlement services for businesses and consumers.

  Specifically, the bank faces facet of Chongqing No use of agro-business entities conduct business tailored payment acceptance system, by means of acquiring goods system to provide hierarchical classification, accepting payment online and offline services; for small roadside stall, the introduction of ABC polymerization code scan code + cloud speakers, polymerization code scan code + dynamic scan code box; to store a certain scale, promote the use of intelligent POS + catering management system, cash registers + catering management system; for the brand well-known chain stores, then Recommend + payment using cloud merchant system, ordering payment scan code + merchant system, the APP + payment system merchant receives payment mode. The bank continues to improve services, build intelligence service scene, Chongqing facet of business entities to provide online payment services and payment center services, provided ABC wisdom district, wisdom membership dues, canteens and other online financial wisdom for the upstream and downstream enterprises in Chongqing facet Serve.

While strengthening support to Chongqing facet of raw materials online trading platform, providing two-way factoring financing, warehouse receipt finance and other agricultural products, broadens the platform of the settlement, financing capabilities, to promote "traditional offline market transactions" to "online platform transaction "migration, effectively reduce intermediate trading links, and reduce industrial chain processing enterprises, small businesses face raw material purchasing costs, improve the industrial chain competitive price. In addition, the Chongqing Branch of Agricultural Bank of China has also actively supported the development of the sales cycle facet of Chongqing, the docking of different types of financing, help activate the consumer end market.

For facet of Chongqing operating businesses to settlement basis, to meet the needs of microfinance; for qualifying facet of Chongqing operating businesses, the bank’s credit model innovation as the core water business, to provide "personal business credit – settlement e-prime "" e facet loan "product finance support; for brands, through various forms of financial support to help upgrade its development; management for higher brand awareness facet of Chongqing businesses, small and micro enterprises, and other stores to join, by issuing business loans, "e preferential agricultural loans" and other credit products, to provide a relatively higher amount of credit support, accelerate market development. (Hu Hong, Li Jin, Pan Yulin) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.