China’s 25th batch went to the Congo (Jin) peacekeeping artifact team to organize night emergency drills

  Xinhua News Agency, Braville, November 4 Emergency drills to improve the effectiveness of the forces.

  In the early morning of the 3rd, a group of unidentified armed staff hit 20 kilometers from China’s peacekeeping outbreaks, and crossing the Congo (Jin) government army, causing several 闵行区南美水疗飞机 military casualties.

  The peacekeeping brochure team heard the first time to urgently hold a meeting, analyze the research and judgment, revised the plan, and against the mutual attacks, unknown vehicles impact the camp, the criminals sneak into the camp, organized emergency projects. "Currently, the security 上海海选场子微信群 situation we face has changed, which brings more tests to peacekeepers.

We will comprehensively analyze the situation, increase the warning defense, do a good job in emergency persons, ensure the smoothness of the mission, the security, "The team commander said.

  It is reported that China’s 25th batch of WITTC detained in accordance with the security situation of the United Nations Congo (Gold) Stabilized Mission (Mount Stabilization Group), the targeted drill is organized, ensuring that officers 爱上海足浴kbfl and men are in the preparation.

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