Baladar is confirmed "no inner ?"

Afghan Taliban Temporary Government First Agency Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Gani Baradar issued a video, responded to "injury" rumors.

He confirmed that he was well, emphasized that the Taliban did not have internal battle. [Now "Sound" reproduces "body"] Taliban is located in the political office of Qatardo, uploaded a video in social media 爱上海同城交流论坛 tweet, showing Baladal to accept Afghan National Television RTA interview. When the reporter asked if he had conflicted and injured other members of the Taliban, Baladar replied: "No, this is not true; I am well, good health."

"" There is media called (Taliban) in the fight.

There is no (conflict) between us, the report is not true, "Guadar said," there is nothing to worry.

"Video shows that he is sitting on a sofa to accept interviews, seems to be a page text.

Take later, an official of the Taliban Cultural Committee was released in the Twitter, said that the interview video will be broadcast in the Afghan National TV station to refute "enemy publicity". According to the news that the social media has circulated, Baladal supporters conflict with the Taliban another horses in the Afghan capital Kabul, 上海油压干磨论坛 and there is more rumors that Baradar is injured or died. To refute the rumors, the Taliban released a Braudar audio on the 13th. He claimed to be in the audio, everything is well.

The Taliban has built a temporary government, mainly from the Taliban veteran, and many people in the Taliban regime in 1996 to 2001.

Baladal is one of the founders of Taliban. In 2018, the head of the Doha Politics Office was previously negotiated with the US government in Doha. Taliban controls Kabul, the United States and its allies rush to evacuate.

The US military’s last dismantled army flew away from Kabul Airport on the morning of August 30, which was launched by the United States and launched for nearly 20 years.

[High-level refutement rumors] Reuters reported that Baladar has recently been present in public, and triggered speculation. Qatar Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Muhammad Ben Abdullahman Allazani went to Kabul on the 12th, with the Taliban Temporary Government Prime Minister Muhammad Hassan Ahof and others, Baladal did not present .

In the absence of this important diplomatic occasion, Baladal explained in the video of the 15th, Qatar’s foreign ministers visited, he was out and could not go back to Kabul in time.

The Taliban Temporary Government a number of members recently refuted the inquire rumors. On the 14th, Amini Khan Mutki accused this kind of news is the hostile force "publicity" offensive.

On the 15th, the Director of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the brother of Arnas Khakhi, Drajkin Khaki, in the twitks, deny the inner fight. Michael Kurns, the United States, Wilson, USA, said that the Taliban has been dispatched in the Taliban for many years, and it has been largely maintained 上海水磨会所交友论坛 unity. The implementation of the main decisions has not been largely internal resistance.

Curgman said: "In my opinion, the current opinion can not be resolved. But Taliban still suffers a lot of pressure, including (how) concentrated power, and strive for other aspects to recognize it (leading government) legitimacy, dealing with important Policy challenges. "(Du Fu) (Delivery: Liu Ye Ting, Cui Yue) Sharing more people see.