Break the barrier barriers! Anhui flexible employment personnel can choose to protect

In recent years, the net approval staff, Internet access workers, and the number of new employment form workers have increased significantly, and the number of new employment form workers has increased significantly. In order to further promote flexible employees to participate in enterprise employees Insurance (hereinafter referred to as pension insurance), earnestly maintain the social security rights of new employment forms, the province has issued the "Notice on Further Promoting Flexible Employees to Participate in Enterprise Workers’ Basic Pension Insurance".

In addition to the accountment of employment in our province, the 上海水磨场子 flexible employment personnel in our province can also choose to be insured in employment or place of residence. Flexible employees independently choose to participate in enterprise employee basic pension insurance "notice" pointed out that relying on e-commerce, online payment, online delivery, express logistics and other new state platforms to achieve employment, and not with new state platform The new 上海sh419交友网 employment form of employment in the establishment of labor relations; individual industrial and commercial households and their employees; non-full-time employment personnel who do not participate in basic pension insurance; other flexible employees in the country and the provisions of the province, meet one of the above conditions The year is 16 years old and the man is less than 60 years old. The flexible employment personnel (excluding students who do not include school students) may voluntarily apply for basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees. "Notice" further released the accounting limit for household registration, and eligible flexible employees can determine the location of the pension insurance in accordance with the following measures.

The flexible employment personnel of the household registration in Anhui Province shall participate in the pension insurance in household, employment or residence in household registration; non-Anhui Province’s household registration, with valid ID card to participate in endowment insurance in employment or residence; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan The flexible employment personnel, with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident residence permit in employment or residential place to participate in pension insurance; individual industrial and commercial households, in addition to participating in the pension insurance in accordance with the top three independent choices, you can also register in an individual industrial and commercial business license Pension.

Participating in the payment ratio of 20% "Notice" stipulates that flexible employees participate in the payment ratio of pension insurance is 20%, including 12% of the co-ordination funds, 8% insert individual accounts. The provincial people’s department announced the number of prepaid pension insurance groups (grade) guidelines at the end of the year, and after the annual pension insurance payment base is determined, the annuality of the year is announced the number of flexible employment personnel for the year (grade) guidance standard. .

Flexible employees can choose to pay their pension insurance premiums on months, seasons, semi-annual or annual issues, and choose the appropriate payment base between 60% of our provincial total caliber urban employees.

According to the annual declaration, the number of contributions (grades) is no longer changed within the declaration year.

Flexible employees’ pension insurance premiums are unified by the tax department.

Flexible employees can pay by banks, tax window, electronic tax bureaus, mobile app, etc.

The insured personnel may pay the previous year’s declaration but not timely payment of pension insurance before June 30, according to the regulations. In accordance with the province to receive basic pension conditions on a monthly basis, within 3 months before the legal retirement age, the final payment or household registration in the province shall apply for basic pension.

For flexible employees who do not have the payment period, they can directly handle online.

Reporter Zhou Hongyuan Title: Break the Barrier Barrier! Flexible employment in Anhui Province can participate in household registration, employment or residence.