Consumer structure steadily upgrade double 11 Witness China’s network consumption multifaceted changes

Although November 11th, the 13th Double 11 did not arrive, but the shopping carnival of major platforms has already opened. In this 13 years, it is the period of China’s network economy. Double 11 witnesses the changes in consumption levels, consumption structures, consumer groups, and consumption patterns, and lays a deep imprint for China’s online consumption. .

The consumption structure has steadily upgraded the mother, and I have chosen the birthday gift. You will help you pay. At 0 o’clock on November 1, 上海美女桑拿按摩网 the reporter was not able to pay since the payment of the Taobao platform when paying a birthday gift for the child.

Afterwards, the reporter learned that the consumers who grabbed the payment made Taobao collapsed again.

The reason why it is, because at 8 o’clock on the evening of October 20th, Tao Double 11 has just begun to pre-sale, there are netizens to reflect the customer service, and the news can not be sent.

Taobao official account 上海新茶嫩茶vx is at 8:43 in the evening, reply: If you are not staying up late, are you so fierce? Taobao has collapsed a hot search.

According to the incomplete statistics of Tmall platform, the first hour after sale at 0:00 on November 1, the turnover of over 2,600 brands has exceeded November 1 last year; according to the data released by Jingdong, October 31 Within 4 hours, Jingdong has sold more than 100 million goods;

AlixPartners Consulting the "2021 Double 11 Prospect Report" showed that half of the interviewed consumers expected that the double 11 will cost more than 3,000 yuan this year; the "2021 brand enterprise double eleven" issued by Yibang Power The report "shows that more than half of the brand is expected to exceed 10 million yuan this year, including the proportion of more than 100 million yuan to account for%.

However, the first double 11 before 13 years ago, Taobao (including Tmall) has only 50 million yuan.

In fact, in the beginning of the year, Double 11 is only a day of e-commerce platform promotion, similar to a store with some merchants participating in the day.

Ma Qia, the Digital Marketing Research Institute of China Business Advertising Association, said that the Chinese Consumer Report said that with the explosive growth of China’s network economy, 2015, the concept of Double 11 shopping carnival is proposed, today, double 11 has evolved to prepare for half a year in advance, to create a month in advance, to promote the consumption carnival of the whole people, not only reflect the national life, personal consumption levels and market heating, but also show consumption trends and consumption Mode changes.

In Jingdong released this year’s 11.11 pre-sale data, desktop computer pre-sale order increased by 310% year-on-year; tablet pre-sale order increased by 130% year-on-year; household projector pre-sale order increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

In this year’s Tmall Double 11 first wave promotion, Wuling Hongguang is only used in 1 minute, more than last year’s total turnover. In the 13 years of the development of Double 11, people’s consumption concept gradually changed to more focused on product quality. Hong Yong, an enterprise research institute, an enterprise research institute, said that in the initial, consumers participated in the promotion of consumption, more in order to grab the discount and the goods, the quality and brand of goods are not the focus of people’s attention. Merchants are often able to meet consumer needs through price war. Today, consumers not only pay attention to the brand and quality of the goods, but also more personalized demand, which has promoted a large number of small and beautiful Internet brands emerge, and Internet merchants are also more concerned about reputation and repospheries. Ma Hang pointed out that behind the continued growth of the dual 11 consumption data, it contains changes in the consumption structure.

The previous double 11 may be to grab a cheap, the cotton coat, or a pair of 50% off shoes, but now, people may be in order to buy a brand of cosmetics, high-end electricity and seize the end. Even accommodation in the house, the car, and the luxury hotel have become the goods that people buy in the big promotion. Ma Qia believes that this reflects the transformation and upgrading of our consumption structure from an angle. The consumption environment is increasingly optimized and the Taobao has collapsed together and there is still a refund.

Double 11 pre-sale has just begun, some people have made their own list full reduction attacks, in order to achieve full reduction standard, you can pick some price suitable products, then apply a refund of unwanted items.

It is not to say that this is not, the consumer is dare to make this plan, which means that the various consumer rights protection laws and regulations, policies, and the speed refund rules for the major e-commerce platforms have been introduced for consumption. Safe will be safe. According to the "China Consumers" reporter, the speed refund function introduced by the China Consumers Platform, which has been automatically processed for the refund application (5,000 yuan or less) of the refund application (5,000 yuan below) within a certain amount. At present, nearly 40% of return applications have been automatically completed through speed refund. For this year, the legal system of consumer rights in my country’s online transactions has been continuously improved.

In this process, the protection and consumption experience of consumer rights is sustained.

Lu Lilaming, professor, professor of Beijing University of Business University, said in the "China Consumer Report" reporter, in recent years, many legal systems directly related to consumer rights protection in online transactions, escorting consumers to protect consumers.

The "Consumer Rights Protection Law" revised in 2013, clearly defined a seven-day no reason to return and when the platform service provider cannot provide the name, contact information, and address of the operator within the platform, it is necessary to pay first.

Online shopping is unsatisfactory, there is no conditional return, has become a rigid legal system, consumers’ right to know, and choose the right to guarantee, so that consumers can rest assured that they will be reassured, which greatly promotes the development of network transactions.

The "E-Commerce Law" promulgated in 2018 fully stipulated the obligation of e-commerce operators, and consumer rights protection is one of the majorities.

It laid the foundation for the protection of consumers in the online transactions in the network transaction.

Since then, the government departments have also developed a supporting regulations, including the "Network Live Marketing Management Measures", "Interim Provisions on the Management of Online Tourism Business Service", etc., increased the order specification and consumer rights protection of online trading market. The law enforcement is enabling consumers to continue to increase the level of rights and levels in online transactions, and the consumer experience is constantly improving. In addition, 2017 and 2019, "Anti-Unfair Competition Law", "Personal Information Protection Law" and "Common Type Mobile Internet Applications" and the Personal Information Scope of Personal Information Based on the Personal Information of Personal Information Breeding this year " "The whole effectively promotes the improvement of consumers’ overall welfare.

In October This year, the Market Supervision State Administration said in the "Reply to the 13th National People’s Congress of the 13th National People’s Congress," will further strengthen the regulatory law enforcement of network transactions. Around the important time nodes such as the double 11, there is an important commodity and service area of ??people’s livelihood, and the administrative guidance is carried out to carry out administrative guidance and compaction platform subject responsibility.

Agricultural products e-commerce quickly rising data from Jingdong show that Jingdong 11 · 11 pre-sale opened at 8 o’clock on the evening of October 20, the agricultural product turnover exceeds October day.

Sichuan Eyuan Jelly Orange Transportation has increased by 7 times year-on-year, which is equivalent to selling an empty 150 acres of Ericsson ornamental garden; Kurla pear turnover has increased by 10 times year-on-year, sold to 896 cities across the country. Liu Hui, Dean Jingdong Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute, said that compared with the pre-sale of the Chinese Consumers, consumers presented in Jingdong, the agricultural products rarely upgraded from the production site, the explosion, etc. Features, consumers have recognized the recognition of the original ecological origin and high quality agricultural products. As the emerging e-commerce platform, the shake will be deeply reached into the country of agricultural area in Jilin, Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, etc. during the double 11 period.

Among them, the headlines of the headlines on the headlines will enter Jilin Yanbian, providing millions of dollars subsidies. In recent years, the development of rural e-commerce has achieved great progress.

Hong Tao, director of the Institute of Business Economics, Beijing University of Technology, said that the "China Consumers" reporter said that this year’s double 11, many platforms combine promotional activities with rural resolution.

The report of the "Surface of China Agricultural Products E-Commerce" issued by China Food (Agricultural Products) Safety E-commerce Institute showed that the retail sales of agricultural products in the first half of 2015 and 2020 were developed from less than 100 billion yuan to billions, expanded 3 Multiply. In the first half of 2021, the national rural network retail sales was 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase.

Among them, the retail length of the rural physical commodity network, which increased year-on-year.

The upside of agricultural products continued to recover, and the retail sales of agricultural products in the country reached 100 million yuan.

In the e-commerce promotion, agricultural products have begun to occupy an increasingly important position.

In 2019, Tmall Double 11 total turnover is 268.4 billion yuan, of which agricultural sales are as high as 7 billion yuan. During the 2020 Tmall Double 11 (November 1st – 11), Alibaba Platform accumulated 410,000 agricultural products in 1406 counties, the turnover reached 12 billion yuan, an increase of 22% year-on-year. Hong Tao pointed out that the rural revitalization strategy included digital villages, and digital agricultural products e-commerce are an important part of digital rural construction. The "Digital Country Development Strategy Outline" pointed out that after four development phases, the development goals of digital rural construction are required. In 2020, my country has completed the first phase goal. Now it has entered the second stage of development, and agricultural products e-commerce, especially digital agricultural products, will be a hot spot.

(Reporter San Xueu).