Changchun Innovation launches "micro tax hall"

  Nowadays, it is "wisdom" and "convenience".

Recently, Changchun City Green Park launched a "micro-tax department" breaking the boundaries of the region, and became the "Tax Office" in the door of the people, let people feel the intimate and convenientness of taxation services. At the "Micro Tax Office" of the Tiexi Taxation Office in Changchun City, Zhang Wei is working on the integrated tax payment terminal. She said, since I opened the "Micro THE Room", I can use it for 5 minutes.

  Zhang Wei: It is particularly convenient! Because the unit is nearby, all of my tax business is here, and Q & A can also solve it here! In order to facilitate 上海实体水磨会所 the surrounding enterprises and resident tax, the Changchun City Green Park Taxation Bureau is based on Dongfeng Street Office Tax Service, with a radius of 10 kilometers, and sets four "micro-tax halls".

Break the boundaries of the region, integrate the city suburban administrative border, relying on the Tiexi Tax Office, He He Tao Service, Zhengyang Tax Office, Xixin Tax Office, etc. The city’s tax-related business.

  Zhang Wangxiu, General Missionary Bureau of Changchun City Green Park, said that they still expanded four aspects of service. Zhang Wangxiu: One is to open the "Microphop Department", when facing the taxpayer’s payer explains the tax policy.

The second is to create a "micro tax special", such as the taxpayer with special needs, carried out custom services. The third is to open a "micro tax salon". For example, this year and the CCB Railway Branch have become pair, and actively promote the "Silver Tax Interaction" activities, providing loans to companies that have difficult countries. The fourth is to open a "micro-tax station", fully 上海品茶服务 communicating and coordinating on the issues of disputes between the two sides, but also make tax law enforcement more temperature.

  These intimate services have helped many companies that have encountered difficulties in the epidemic.

  Liu Ning, a decorative engineering company in Changchun City: In July this year, the tax office is learned from the difficulties of our corporate fund turnover, and we build a platform for us and CCB. Through "silver tax loans", let us make New year.

And you can use, take it, follow, interest is low! At present, the Changchun City Green Park Taxation Bureau is upgrading the Zhengyang Taxation Office to the "Smart Weight Tax Office", integrating self-service operation and manual services, and achieves no dead angle "to" Lower service does not 上海飞机店kb fight ". Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.