2021 Chongqing Network Security Promotion Week started on the 11th

Original title: 2021 Chongqing network security publicity 上海新茶私人工作室 week on the 11th, launched Chongqing Daily News (Reporter Zhou Song Intern Xiao Qiu Ling) On October 8, Chongqing Daily reporter learned from the Municipal Party Committee Network Office, 2021 Chongqing Network Security Publicity Week will be on the 11th Launched in Lushan, series activities were carried out in the city from 11 to 17.

  The network security propaganda week is carried out in the case where the "network security is the people, the network is safe and relying on the people". During the publicity week, the city will hold a network security peak forum, network security experience exhibition, network security offensive and defense competition and theme day.

  The Network Security Summit Forum will invite network security experts, industry representatives, focus on the "14th Five-Year 上海微信品茶 Plan" and 2035 Route Targets, around the "Data Security" theme, network security situation, data security, personal 上海闵行水磨验证 information protection, network Discussion on the development of safety education technology industry integration development.

  The Network Security Experience Exhibition will build a line on the online double exhibition hall, highlight knowledge, fun, participatory, experience, exhibition quantum information, 5G, security situation, science robot, VR, 3D hologram, etc., the latest Product, demonstration application, vigorously promote personal information protection, prevent telecommunications network fraud and other network security knowledge, enhance the network security awareness and protection skills of mass network.

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