A documentary for the party history

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the Party’s History and Education Mobilization Conference: "Our party’s 100th year is a hundred years of practicing the mission of the initial mission. It is a hundred 上海龙风1314 years of rumor, and it is a hundred years of creation of brilliant development. "The party’s history is the best teacher, is a nutrient, and the awake agent is a must. The "Mountain River Years" launched by the Central Radio and Television True Taiwan is a great red documentary for the Hong Kong-style Gao Gang’s moment, a party history.

"Shanhe Years" as a focus on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, reviewing the party’s century-old history, and praising the party’s 100-year brilliant.

The documentary represents the "Mountain River" represents the "Years" representative time, reducing history with the picture record, vividly and reproduces China from the past mountain river, the people are not rushing to life, the great span 宝山区419spa of the bustling, full reflection, fully reflected The Chinese Communist Party is the great achievements of the Chinese nation and the people of the Chinese people, and then the great achievements of China from the opening of the sky, change the ground to the sky, the earth-shattering, and explain the historical necessity of adhering to China’s road, promoting the Chinese spirit, and condense China’s strength.

"Mountain River Years" adheres to the two resolutions of our party and the spirit of the Party Central Committee, accurately grasp the topic main line, mainstream nature of the party’s historical development, and capture the profound events of the party’s hundred years. Important meeting, important people, with a grand vision, profound, scientific and touching momentum, touching details, showing party unity to lead the people from all ethnic groups, rich and rushing to strong great history and rich achievements, profound The Chinese Communist Party can, why is Marxism, why is the socialism with Chinese characteristics? "Mountain River Years" uses history, telling people to the people’s history, history in history, and the history of history, fully reflecting today’s "mountain river innocent, years, quiet" is a generation of China Communist Party The result of the struggle of people reveals the power of practice, the strength of the truth, the power of beliefs, and moral strength, showing the initial mission of the Chinese Communists, and responsibility.

"Mountain River Years" integrate political, ideological, artistic, with small incision refraction big themes, with beautiful pictures, first-class images, engraving the past 100 years of history, such as smoke past, realistic and vividly reproduce party unity The great road to lead the people, the great spirit of establishing the greatness, casting the great spirit, accumulated valuable experience, creating a scratched miracle. "Mountain River Years" provides authority for party history education, to erect the masters of the masters, school history, learning history, school history, the spirit of history, the spirit of history, to sing the party history to learn the educational main melody, consolidate the mainstream thoughts Public opinion, doing strong big positive propaganda, in the whole society, the whole society, the history of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, popularizing the knowledge of party history, promoting party history education, deep into the masses, deep into the grassroots, deep into the heart .

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year’s greetings, we must continue to find out the efforts, aggregate energy, sing the main melody, and coordinate the educational function of all kinds of positions such as red commemorative facilities, theme publications, party history and art works. In order to provide a strong spiritual support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (The authors are the Vice President of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute.