G60 Kechuang lit corridor Yangtze River Delta integration "with Sunbeam"

Located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta G60 Branch Corridor Planning Exhibition Hall inside.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Geng Xinning and She Shangtian into the sea, emergency vaccination Intelligent Manufacturing "multi-flowering" into 1,300 square meters of the Yangtze River Delta G60 Branch Corridor Planning Exhibition Hall, more than 140 exhibits dizzying: the more complex terrain can be climbing ditch, for the fire fighting robot, apply a water depth of 8,000 meters undersea cables, closed automatic cell culture device, face recognition has fun interactive features of the intelligent dressing mirror …… founded in 2016, the same age as the Yangtze River Delta G60 Kechuang corridor Anhui East 上海贵族宝贝工作室论坛 ultra-technology Co., Ltd., due to the application of a non-touch interactive terminal aerial imaging technology during the epidemic "popular."

  It is reported that the technology uses the core product of the core product of the independently developed product, the application of light field reconstruction principle, re-aggregation of the divergent light in the air, thereby forming the real image of the medium carrying, combining interactive control technology, can realize people Direct interaction of aerial imaging.

This technology can be applied to medical display, public facilities, information security, etc., reducing physical contact, reducing infection risk. "Benefits from the G60 Science of the Yangtze River Delta, the company started from Hefei, not only quickly ‘run’ into other 上海浦东哪儿有街边女 cities in the Yangtze River, gradually expanded to other parts of the country." Dongchao Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Director Wang Ming said. Next, the company will further introduce innovative products that meet market demand, while exploring more cross-bounds with companies in different fields in the Kibokian corridor.

  In addition to the exhibition hall, the success of the "Songjiang" and "G60" satellite makes people look at. It is reported that the satellite Internet industry is one of the key projects of the "Songjiang G60 Science and Technology Cluster", which is building a low orbit, high-power satellite network industry cluster represented by the global multimedia satellite network. On the 521-year innovative industrial cluster pilot (cultivation) announced on August 9, the 上海龙凤按摩 Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, "Songjiang G60 Science Corridor Digital Economic Innovation Industrial Cluster" is listed. In November this year, the digital satellite manufacturing super factory in China will start construction in Songjiang Science and Technology City, China, will be simultaneously developed to develop digital and batch research and development and production systems in the world, and build the first satellite manufacturing in the long triangle. Lighthouse factory. " It is necessary to "unveil the list" to "hang" long triangle G60 Komantun Corridor, since 2016, the construction version was launched in Songjiang District, Shanghai, and became the version of the Shanghai Jiazhou Three Land in 2016, and then 2018 Edition, relying on traffic aorta such as G60 high-speed and Shanghai Soviet high-speed rail, serial in Shanghai Songjiang, Jiangsu Suzhou, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Huzhou and Anhui Xuancheng, Wuhu, Hefei Nine.

  In order to make more scientific and technological achievements rapidly root, let more upstream and downstream companies benefit, make up the chain, enlain, strong chain, the long-term G60 Kochuchong Corridor joint office continuously improve the relevant working mechanism, "exclusions" and "" Handshake.

  "We break the information barrier and achieve effective docking of the demand end and the supply side by breaking the information barrier.

Pan Hongkai, a leader of the Yangtze River Triangle G60 Science and Technology Corridor, said that 14 industrial alliances, 11 industrial cooperation demonstration parks were established around the seven strategic emerging industries; major projects such as focusing large aircraft were established. Up to now, the supply docking of more than 40 kinds of products in nine cities have realized more than 40 kinds of products in nine cities in the special process materials required by China Commercial Flight.

  Haier Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Market Director Scholar is in touch with it. In his opinion, Haierkaos industrial Internet platform has settled in the economic, life and governance field in the field of economic, life and governance in the field of economic, life and governance in the field of 2017. Dongfeng, which is developed in the corridor, and benefits from local "shop small two". "In the past, enterprise communication requires one-on-one, time-freight, and now there is a response, such as industrial Internet Jiucheng Tour training activities, has quickly carried out more, help more enterprises ‘upper cloud’, industrial upgrading.

"Shi Pu said.

  "Transcript" refresh high "new new amount" color Found 2021, the Yangtze River Triangle G60 Kuchuang Corridor was included in the national "14th Five-Year Plan", from the important platform of the national strategy from the grassroots vivid practice of the new development concept. In the past five years, the "gold content" and "new amount" and "including new amount" in the Yangtze River G60 are constantly increasing. As a source of G60 Science and Technology Corridor, the Songjiang, which has been increased in the first half of the year. From January to June this year, Songjiang strategic emerging industries realize the total industrial output value of 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase, accounting for the total specific gravity of the whole region. Among them, the new generation of information technology, new energy, new materials, and bio-industry growth are strong, and the growth rate,%, 30%,%, respectively. In addition, with the influence of the long triangle G60 Science and Technology, the radioscope is continuously expanded, Songjiang has become the innovative innovation of private enterprises.

In the first half of the year, they attracted thousands of private enterprises to settle down, and the year-on-year increased, realizing private economic tax billion, year-on-year growth%. The new road is not thinking out, the painting is coming out, dried out. "To put innovation first motivation in a more prominent location, high-level technology self-reliance, aggressive, gathering, long-term breakthrough, to create a global influence of Science and Technology innovation strategies A new progress is made. "Shanghai Songjiang District Party Secretary said. Responsible Editor: Dianyi Festival.