Feng Zhongcheng’s advanced deeds tour report will be held in North

The report will live. Yubei District Public Security Bureau is for map People’s Network Chongqing on December 10th, "The New Era" Feng Zhongcheng’s Advanced Deeds Tour Report will be held at the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau. On July 21, 2021, Fengzhong, the police of Shizhu County Public Security Bureau, became the safety of the masses, and heroic struggles with the knife gangsters, unfortunately stabbed the liver, and sacrificed the rescue, only 53 years old.

After the sacrifice of Feng Zhongcheng, the Chongqing Municipal Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Public Security successively made decisions, and pursued Feng Zhongcheng "Chongqing Excellent Communist Party" "Chongqing People’s Satisfaction Civil Service" "National Public Security System Level League Model" title, call on the city Party members and cadres, the national public security organs and the public security police to learn from Fengzhong Cheng. At the report meeting, Yao Jianlong, the political commissar of the original Shizhu County Public Security Bureau, the deputy director of the car tube of Shi Zhi County Public Security Bureau, the deputy director of the vehicle management office, the villagers of Gaupong Village, Shiji County, Liu Hua, Feng Zhongcheng, a daughter, Feng Xinyi and Shizhu County The center reporter Wang Qingqin five speakers use simple language, sincere feelings, from different sides, different angles, telling 上海品茶依曼spa Feng Zhongjun’s birth story, vividly interprets the political character of Fengzhong Cheng’s political character, diligent work style, heart The public servant feelings of the masses, and the excellent quality of the husband and the dare to fight.

  The deep influence of the members of the reporting group, deeply touched the audience, and he sounded warm applause from time to time, and the members of the report were swallowed several times, and the audience was tears. Wang Liang, a probe of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Yubei District, said: "Feng Zhongcheng will pay for the number of drips in the people. We must study him in a critical moment. We must learn that he is based on the spirit of the job in his position. Not afraid of life and death.

As a policeman 上海高端私人工作室微信 who combats new illegal crimes against telecommunications networks, we should study hard in the work, think about what the people think, urgents, and always put the people in the first place.

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