350 households to make a family of 上海不正规的桑拿会所 public rental houses

  The public rental ceremony of the public rental housing.

Reporter Su Yunhua photo Yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou 2020, the public rental housing lottery rental ceremony was held in the city real estate building. 350 household workers have acquired public rental housing.

The Municipal People’s Congress representative, the CPPCC member, the application for family representatives, news media, and the Guangzhou notary office public witness to witness the collection process.

  This total of 2334 households came to the spikers to the acceptance department to submit public rental housing applications.

The Municipal Housing Security Office, the Municipal Sino-Si Personal Services Administration announced on the website from March 18th to April 6th to publicize public rental housing application review, while accepting objection complaints.

During the publicity, 132 objections 上海全套水磨 were accepted. After verification, 16 households’ objection were not established, and 116 households were established.

After public notice and review, he finally participated in the family of 1950 households.

  The public rental housing launched in this time has a total of 350 sets. This time, the public rental housing distribution of the spike workers shall be distributed according to the principle of family population and the principle of rental, and the order of multi-list selection principles. Live the system random allocation, with a shake number, 350 households with public rental housing. Today, the Municipal Housing Security Office will meet with the city to announce the public rental housing lottery. (Reporter Quanjie correspondent spikes to build Xuan).