Emergency drill construction safety line

It is understood that the drill revisectively surrounds the 14th National Games and the Emergency Plan of Food Safety in the Western San Diva District of the San Qikai District of the Food Safety and Pharmaceutical Status, ""Food Safety Emergency Emergency 上海1314龙凤论坛 Plan "implementation, combined with practical scenario video playback and on-site exercises, the first simulation of food and drug safety emergencies in the province, the first time the food and drug safety emergencies, with the fourteenth party volunteer mealPeople have disgusting, vomiting 上海哪里有服务 and other discomfort symptoms, in the process of sending a shock event in the treatment of medical treatment, from the incident, information report, secondary disposal, emergency response, termination, post-disposal, press release, etc. 7 links,It is designed to further strengthen food and drug safety emergency management and the ability of all member units, and effectively improve the emergency command, coordination and disposal ability of food and drug safety incidents during the 14th transportation activities of Xixian New District.