Anqing builds minors protection work system

  Anqing City actively constructs unnatural care protection network construction service platform, and fully promotes the construction of minor protected work systems. As of the end of September, the city has established 35 member units to contact and coordinate working mechanisms, 12 counties (city, districts) have Established minor protection work committee.

  Anqing City builds the four-level, county, township, village four-level care protection network, improving 7 systems such as enforcement report, emergency disposal, assessment help, monitoring interventions, all-in-laws, thousands of left-behind children, all completed discharge visits And 上海闵行南美水疗服务 incorporate information system management.

  The city also built a service platform, established an Anqing Minor Protection Center, opened the minor protection hotline. At present, the city’s social organization incubation base has introduced 7 social organizations, docking the civil affairs, group municipalities, procuratorates, and dismissals and other departments to promote underage care protection. The city actively explored creating a union protection workstation. This year, the city’s first street minor protects the workstation to the streets of Xinhe Road, Yingjiang District, adopts the "Street + Community 2 Center + Sector Linkage + Social Work Organization + Social Power" model, integrates various resources, and provides children in the jurisdiction. Popular services such as entering the household visit, case, psychological SPA上海 counseling, crisis intervention.

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