East Lake International | City will open!

Once a beautiful life of Lake, a beautiful life of the world, a lake, a lake, the future and aesthetic art, the world, the world Yancheng’s new lake, a city, one lake, a life April 6th, World Focus, Yancheng time Field Lake Guangcheng Shaki Festival quietly opened the Donghu International City Send Hall and Yancheng’s first TOP Class East Lake City City, the living room blooms every city, there is always a moment by the world. On April 6th, Yancheng’s night was shining by East Lake International. Century New City Group, East Lake International Project Leaders and all employees, all-in-city name, well-known media all arrived, and went to the era of feast.

City, because of light. A era and scientific collision, the creative light of the light and shadow and dream blending officially opened the curtain of the ceremony.

This unprecedented audio-visual feast is, and the international lake international for stimulating the city more about people’s possible gifts. Light and shadow is like time shuttle, and the future inspiration of Yancheng Xinhujun is light. Between the light and shadow, the beautiful dancers have already boarded the stage, bringing the opening dance "Lake", and instantly bringing the scene to the lakeside of the poetic lake, so unique and graceful opening style, "East Lake International The lake’s atmosphere has a mainstay, in the invisibularity of the lake, has formed a strong heart force, bringing the real experience of live guest lake’s life, and the life philosophy of respecting the circle.

Enjoy a luxury in the city, and help the future life. After a dance, the host officially debuted, expressed sincere gratitude to the arrival of the guest, and introduced the leaders and guests visited the scene. Subsequently, Mr. Xu Jian, deputy general manager of Century New City Group Real Estate Company, delivered a speech, Xu’s firm tone is difficult to cover excitement, and he deeply expresses the Century New City Group and Donghu International Project will bring a better way to Yancheng people. The confidence and expectation of Lake live life. As Xu’s speech mentioned, from 2010 to 2021, the New Town of the Century New Town has always been achieved with the urban development of Yancheng and the human iteration. And the "Kadi Amusement Park" of the Cairo, which was also held by the Century New City Group, was also officially started in June this 闵行水磨 year. It officially opened the street on May 1, 2022. The amusement park is renamed the Chinese and Korean International Street. Here, it will become a Korean open community, which is also a community that is integrated with the first entertainment facilities and consumption scenes, integrating business, culture, leisure, and entertainment. City interface of the city. Specially mentioned in the scene, crossing the street overpass across the new capital, is closely connected to the East Lake International and China and South Korea International Street, so that the owners of Donghu International, the convenience of leisure, entertainment and shopping. The scene released the release of China and South Korea International Street, the wonderful epitome of international living area life, so that every future of the city’s core area and 上海私人工作室可约 East Lake International is always looking forward.

Time will eventually be alleged! After the view of the publishing film in China and South Korea, the opening ceremony enters the climax – the living ceremony of the Donghu International City, the leaders of the Century New City Group and the guests are full of launching ceremony, in the hustle, cloudy, The official opening of the Donghu International City will declare.

On-site applause thunder, witness the new lake era of World Yancheng. The elegance of the city’s Lake is, only personally feels it.

With the appearance of the living room in the Donghu International City, the contour of the new lake in Yancheng will gradually go clearly.

As the first TOP-level Donghu Department of Yancheng, "East Lake International" is sitting about 520 acres of Phoenix Yinghu’s large port, occupying the home of Han Feng Mingcheng, and enjoying the same will be matured, highlighting a city. Flourishing, a time to furnish the beginning of an era.

On April 6th, the world Yancheng will then focus on the Donghu International City Send Room. recommend.