Guangxi, a large smuggling of agricultural and sideline products, sentenced to nearly 600 million yuan

Zhongxin Net Nanning On December 13 (Yan Han Li) Nanning Customs No. 13 Notice The defendant Zhao Mouyi, Huang Mouxia and other four people and ten years to ten years will not be waiting for imprisonment, and the RMB 30 million to 6.3 million yuan will not wait for a fine, and the illegal income shall be paid according to law, and pay the national treasure.

On March 20, 2019, Liuzhou Customs Anti-smuggling branch launched a centralized arrest at the unified deployment of Nanning Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau, and successfully arrested 9 suspects in Liuzhou and Nanning. .

After investigation, since 2017, the defendant Li Mijun, Li Si Tao and others have purchased the goods from India and other goods from the foreign distributors, first transported 杨浦洗浴中心 to Vietnam, and then through Zhao Mouyi, Huang Mouxia actual The administrative logistics company pseudo-funded origin declared in Vietnam, stealing huge amount of tax payment, smuggling of pepper dry and other agricultural and sideline products, with nearly 600 million yuan.

The gang smuggling of imported agricultural and sideline products, the huge tax, which not only affects national tax, but also disturbs 浦东品茶工作室 the normal import and export order, impact the domestic market, and seriously affects normal market operations.

The agricultural and sideline products involved in the case have not received effective quarantine supervision when smuggling, but not only in the market, but also have risk hazards in food safety, and may also carry harmful organisms and harm our ecological environment.

Customs anti-smuggling police reminded that according to the provisions of Article 353 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, smuggling of goods, and the items of the item are particularly serious or otherwise particularly serious. It is more than one more than doubled in prison or less imprisonment, and the tax is subject to more than double five times the following penalty or confiscation of property.