Expert: Stable industry must first stabilize, reduce, slow-proof

People’s Network Beijing February 28 (Shi Chen) on the 23rd, overtracting the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work deployment meeting in Beijing, the meeting stressed, to strengthen "six stable" initiatives, comprehensive strengthening of stable employment initiatives. How do I understand the "steady employment" related policies issued from the central to local? Interview with Professor Li Changan, Interview with Public Administration College of Foreign Economics and Trade University. Sustaining Employment must first "invoice" the State Council executive meeting held by the company, currently working on the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and economic and social development, an urgent task is to be steady, and it is necessary to stabilize the enterprise.

As the main force for the creation of employment, enterprises have a series of problems such as difficult, lack of funds, and other issues. Strong National Forum: How to understand the "stable industry must be stable"? Li Changan: To do a good job in employment, first "invoice" enterprises.

Under the epidemic, many enterprises burden aggravates, produce, and operates. Recent countries have introduced a series of policies, such as the stage of reducing corporate social security and companies holding housing provident funds, the fundamental purpose of these policies is to save enterprises.

Only enterprises remain stable, and the stability will have a solid foundation. But now some companies are facing complement difficulties, logistics, people are interrupted, and personnel don’t go, the materials can’t be run.

The coordinated promotion of new coronal pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work deployment meetings were emphasized. To promote the company’s recovery, the flow of people flow, the logistics plug, and the freight logistics limit, ensuring that the employee is coming, the raw material is supplied Products.

This is critical for stable enterprises and stability. Free, minus, slow "spree" to help enterprises to work hard. In the past few days, all departments have introduced a series of measures to help the people are dedicated to the end of the "rice bowl". On the 20th, the Ministry of Human and Social Security will formulate the "Notice on the Social Insurance Prepare of Stage Section Reduce Enterprises", which is clear, minus, and slows three measures.

"Exemption" means that from February, the provinces can exempt the three social security of small and medium-sized enterprises, unemployment, and work injury insurance, and can be executed for no more than 5 months. .

"Reduce" refers to the three social security unit payment of other entrants such as large enterprises outside the country, and the semi-finished period is not over 3 months.

"Slow" refers to the influence of the epidemic, and the enterprises that have serious difficulties in production and operation can apply for a 上海qm自荐 while, and the long-term expiration is not over 6 months, and during the over-payment period. Strong Strong Forum: Recent Human Ministry introduced a phased reduction of social security payment policy, which is the first time in the history of social security in my country.

How to look at this policy? What is the active role of "free, reduced, slow" measures in the recent project, and what positive 上海吴中路小巷子 effects on the company’s completion of production, steady employment? Li Changan: Reducing social security is an important part of the contract of the tax cuts in the government launched in recent years. In the past, more is to reduce the burden on the enterprise social security by reducing a certain amplitude social security rate.

The policy is very strong, directly proposes the practice of exempt or halving, and is more targeted, and the social and medium-sized enterprises in small and medium-sized enterprises in the epidemic is larger, the preferential period is longer. In addition, according to the low weight of the epidemic, the principles of precision Shi Shi are reflected in the reduction in social security costs in Hubei and Hubei. In addition, this time, it has also been introduced, and the relevant policies of holding the housing provident fund can be applied for the application to hold the housing provident fund before 30 June 30, 2020. The employee is not overdue due to the provident fund loans that fail to regain the normal repayment. This can alleviate the burden and operational pressure of the enterprise to a certain extent.

It should be noted that the tax reduction is also intended to make a sustainable development of the Social Security Fund to ensure its payment capabilities.

In this regard, the Ministry of Human Sociality said, issued the policy of social security, holding the housing provident fund, fully considering the fund’s operation, and ensuring that the social insurance benefits shall be paid in time. That is to say, the epidemic temporary impact and phase-of-phase reducing social security will not harm the safety of the entire social security system.

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