Anhui Forklift Group: Party Consiscation "Complement" starts from the new bureau

New energy manufacturing projects under 最新上海鸡微信群 construction in Huitic Industrial Park.

Anhui Forklift Group is in the field of resource optimization. This year, Anhui Forklift Group completed the signing of the Hydraulic Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project, 上海浦东水磨水磨会所 with strategic investor, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui National Control Group, and forming national intelligence manufacturing. Industry Fund; Investment Helmetry (Six) High-end castings, new energy electric warehousing vehicles and other construction projects, further cultivation of strength to do high-quality industrial base … Yang An State believes that a company wants to make the base, you must do it. The long plate is longer, the short board is not short. Returning to the business, based on systematic thinking, focusing on improving the six capabilities of enterprises, namely party construction capacity, innovation capabilities, supply chain security, intelligent manufacturing capabilities, intelligence support capabilities, and marketing service capabilities. Since the establishment of the factory 上海sn品茶 in 1958, Anhui Forklift Group has always made party building a core force that leads the development of enterprises, and has continued to consolidate their position in the country in China.

"The ’13th Fiveth’ task is complete, the ’14th Fiveth’ blueprint has been painted, according to the plan, we strive to go to the new level of the main business indicators in 2025, with excellent operating results for the construction of five major development and beautiful Anhui contribution new More power.

"New step, open a new bureau, for new five-year planning, Yang An Guo’s confidence is full, and speak.

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