Cultural relics doctor diagnosis and treatment, national treasure (decoding, cultural heritage giving birth)

Original title: Cultural relic doctors diagnosis and treatment of national treasures (decoding, cultural heritage gathered life) Core reading allows the millennium fabric to restore the original appearance, to restore the original appearance, to the ancient ruins, to the pasta … The cultural 上海花千坊网址 relics repairors have been professional and patient. Guard a precious cultural relic.

Repairing the process of cultural relics is not only in the life of the cultural relics, but also talk to historical dialogue. White coat, mask, gloves … Chinese Silk Museum’s repair museum studio, full armed textile repairman is doing surgery. "Sometimes I feel like a doctor, but the patient is an old textile.

"Deputy Director of the Technical Department of China Silk Museum, Wang Shujuan, director of repairing staff said.

  Each piece of cultural relics have to be tailored to repair the repair of textiles. As an example, since most of the silk fabric, it is easy to become a fragmentation. Disinfection, dust cleaning, flat … Wang Shujuan said that the team adhered "scientific diagnosis, precision treatment" concept, and there is a lot of preparation before fixing. "Just like it is confirmed before treatment, the analysis research link before cultural relics should be essential." Wang Shujuan introduced that each cultural relics have to be tailored to repair. Repair purple brown row gold painted lace single dress, let Wang Shujuan impressed. This single dress unearthed in the Southern Song Yellow Sheng Tomb, "Too crisp, fix it is very difficult." She and team members spent a lot of mind, on the lower pad, cover a layer of crepe yarn, put the single clothes The middle of the two. Wang Shujuan introduced that this crepe yarn was developed from the team, very thin, and the transparency was excellent.

The team also developed silk protein reinforced spray, physics, and chemistry.

  In Guangdong Province, Guangzhou South Yue Wangong Museum, cultural relics protection staff Chen Siyu carefully bypass the cultural relics under the foot and moved to a monitoring point. Fang Xiaoqi, deputy director of the Wenheti Department of the South Vietnam, introduced that the South Han Dynasty Palace, and the ancient Water Well Site, the ancient Water Well Site In the air, there was dust pollution in the air, and the groundwater rise will bring soluble salt.

Therefore, the cultivatians need to use professional equipment 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, collecting the homology, underground water level, conductivity, etc. related information.

  Chen Siyu introduced that there are two main parts of cultural relics protection, one is daily maintenance, and the other is the site body protection.

Daily maintenance is better than "maintenance" to the cultural relics, and the site body protection is "treatment". In addition to data collection, cleaning hydration, dust removal, microbial treatment, desalination treatment, etc. is the daily work of the Civilians. After the closing, when the tourists leave, Chen Siyu will wear a cover, put it in the pharmacy bottle, start "treatment" with sterilizing anti-al alsensitar, and allique agent and other drugs, remove the disease of the site body, and maintain the overall "health".

  The most important thing to do this is to love the metal cultural relics in Anhui Museum Cultural Relics Science and Technology Protection Center. Anhui Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Bronze Repair Technology Inheritator is in front of it, full of places, electric welding and other tools Bronze to be repaired.

  In 41 years, Yan Peng said that he wants to do this, it is necessary to "put the ass to the chair". Bronze repair is a long process, short days, long periods. In 2009, Shou County was prepared, and it was necessary to copy a Chu Dating. This mission is in front of Yan Peng. Although the risk is large, he decides to challenge yourself. That time, Ji Peng was born in the morning, and it was meticulous for every link. "The most difficult thing is to put all partially, how many times do not have a clear test." Yan Peng said that replication work has been completed in a whole six months. "As a cultural relics repairing staff, my duty is to do the most likely to let more people see the original appearance of cultural relics, feel the long history of my country, this is the biggest motivation I dare to try." Yan Peng said.

  For Chen Siyu, patience and repetition is also the key words of his daily work. Carrying with professional equipment to collect data, often completed the collection of two or three monitors, and has been sweating. Chen Siyu said that when the surface is cleaned, "if it is a region where the structure is stable, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but all the dust removal of a zone also needs a week.

"It is therefore had these days after the day, it seems that the cultural relics can maintain the best. Wang Shujuan said:" This job needs to be withstanded, quiet, but the most important thing is to love , With attitude to talk about technology. "In the view of the Professor Hu Dongbo, the Archeology College of Peking University, love is a valuable quality of cultural relics protection." Some practitioners only use cultural relics to protect the cultural relics as a profession, but only truly as their own interests and hobbies. Can be full of emotional whole body investment ". Let more people understand and fall in love with cultural relics, but Yan Peng and Wang Shujuan have the same concerns – the backup power is insufficient, how to inherit. Yan Peng said, Anhui Museum is Anhui The only museum with bronze repair skills in the province, his team must repair hundreds of bronze, behind the heavy work is the shortage of cultural relics repair talents. Hu Dongbo said that my country’s cultural relics protection has been very strong, but truly The number of "clinicians" engaged in repair is far less, "We need to flexibly use traditional repair technology, and master the integrated talents of modern data analysis interpretation technology. "" Now, it is mainly relying on ‘biopsy. " "Wang Shujuan said that the repairman of the Chinese Silk Museum has led 7 girls to repair a pigeon robe in Liao Dynasty more than 3 months.

This cultural relics were severe, and the slit line spacing was only 4 mm, and the repair process was very hard.

"After this repair, their horizontal leaps.

"Wang Shujuan said.

In addition, since 2011, the key research base of the Textile Cultural Relics Protection, China Silk Museum, has established six workstations at home and abroad, and more than 50 textile repair talents have been cultivated.

  Yan Peng has been working hard to cultivate talent efforts. As a tutor, he participated in the 3-phase national bronze repair training course organized by the National Cultural Relics Bureau, as well as graduate students in the cultural relics and museums of China University of Science and Technology, and he said: "Although the power of individuals is small, I hope to pass by yourself. Action, let more people understand and fall in love with cultural relics.

"Hu Dongbo believes that the museum should also play public education functions and introduce the introduction of cultural relic protection repair in the exhibition.

"The current exhibition is less mentioned in the concept, technology, process of cultural relics, and the audience is naturally difficult to pay attention to this field.

"Zhan Chang La, vice president of the China Cultural Relics Protection Foundation, said that the correct cultural relics protection knowledge is to mobilize social power to jointly protect the cultural relics. In late June, Wang Shujuan and the repair team will carry out a" I is silk road cultural relics ". Online broadcast.

"We hope to use innovative means to let more people approach cultural relics.

上海喝茶最新联系方式 "Wang Shujuan said.

  In the view of Zhan Changfa, cultural relics protection and repair is to extend the life of cultural relics. It is the necessary means of preservation and inheriting culture. "The process of protection and repair is also the technological and historical, memory and skills of research cultural relics, and is refining culture. The process of genes makes us more agree and love their culture.

(Editor: Yubihui, Deng Nan).