Describe the new journey in the new era – the "new journey face-to-face"

  Centennial exchanges, do not change, mission. The theoretical popular reading "new journey face-to-face" one book recently published, from history and realism, combination of theory and practice, ancient and modern and Chinese and Western Mountains, helping readers accurately grasp and understand the new journey to achieve new goals, Strategic positioning and important initiatives jumped on the new stairs. Highlight the target orientation. "New journey face-to-face" is closely surrounded by the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, starting from 14 questions, and interprets the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the 19th Central Committee.

For example, how new journey is open? Where is the new development stage? How does the new development pattern accelerate? For the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build the square surface in the process of new development patterns, the theory is full, rich in content, and the problems involved have significant reality guiding significance, which reflects the stage of our struggle. Sexual goals, also reflect the opportunities and challenges to face in the new journey, and the mission and burden of the shoulder shoulder.

The book starts with the key, difficult, hot spot of the cadres and the general concern, with the global system thinking, scoring and peeling, explaining the new character of the new process of new journey, and then presents my country’s comprehensiveness with the perspective of each struggle Deepen the direction and path of the reform to promote the development efforts of career development, to answer the propositions of the times, explore practical problems, solve practical problems, and deepen the theoretical weapons as "Basic Work" "Basic Work" "The Basic" of the "Basic", strengthen the theoretical armed brain, Guidance practice and drive work. The theory is close to the actual connection. The book will use the theoretical use of flexible, accurate and appropriate, and effectively guide practice, and to solve the power of the theory in actual specific problems.

For example, in talking about promoting social fairness and justice, 上海宝山新茶 resolutely prevent the polarization of the polarization of the rich and the poor, the "Matthew effect", in explaining the example of "Engel coefficients" in high quality development, telling the implementation of the Western Development Strategy When I arrived in "Hu Huan Yong", I paid attention to "scissors poor" in the long-term urban and rural development model, in improving the people’s livelihood, and the "Western Western Welfare Trap" and "Non-unbalanced Development" strategy, in the people’s yearning for a good life The theory of "Maslow Demand Hierarchy" is used. Mechanism, follow suit, spring rins.

  Ancient and modern China and foreign countries have passed through and easy to understand. The book is new and concise, the form is rich and 新上海龙凤419 varied, and the interpretation is clear and thorough, and it is thirsty.

For example, interpretation of the new development pattern, the "coil" compared to cracking the development challenge, dealing with the "high-stroke gun" of external risks, playing the "high-cut car" of big country advantage; interpreting the entity economic and virtual economy When related, describe the entity economy such as tree roots, virtual economy such as leaves, and the roots can be leafy; when interpretation of technological innovation, "card neck" low, "硬", "break bottle", it is the interpretation of the shallow In the interpretation, the popularity of vivid and lively language style will make readers from "one-way reading" to "immersive reading", I feel 上海顶级男士保健spa refreshing and I will not forget.

  "New journey face-to-face" as the latest power of the "Theoretical Hot Point" series series, is a beneficial attempt of theoretical popularization, the book is combing problems, organizational disregardation process, with barrage screen, hard core knowledge, live stream, exciting , The cloud Q & A, special reading, several say China, micro-vision and other graphic and vivid and novel forms are presented. In the problem of decomposition, there is an authorized, sometimes the classic, sometimes the trick, and the distance from the reader is not emerging, as if a friend is talking to you.

Over the years, the "Theoretical Hot Points" series of series has made readers’ ideological understanding and declined, and the theoretical level is gradually improved.

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