Entrepreneurship has you "just" in Jilin – Jilin Province attracts college graduates to stay in the provincial entrepreneurial employment work

  Our reporter Li Kai Yu Zhang He Jilin, a hot earth full of vitality and vitality. Here, there is a beautiful beauty of the mountains, and the Wanhua Tianbao, Wiusi; here is rich in science and education resources, people’s outstanding, industrial bases; there are countless glory in the history of New China, leading attention; today’s Jilin is innovative Jilin, vitality Jilin, opportunity Jilin, is promoting high-quality development with great open, big development, big cooperation, and its vision. Therefore, we are more needed more than ever, eager for talents.

  The merits, the business is wide. On April 8, 2021, Jing Junhai, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, came to Jilin University, issued a call and invitation to the college students in the province: "Entrepreneurship has you ‘on Jilin!" "As your choice of employment, As the dream of Jilin as a dream of youth, keep in mind that General Secretary Xi Jinping, Yin’s intentions, not negative, and the love of Bai Mountain Pine water, dreaming in the new era of Jilin Zhenxing Development Practice, written youth Hua.

"65 points venue, 556 video points, 170 minutes of report, more than 100,000 people listen to the watch."

This is a wonderful speech, a sincere invitation, but also a heavy trust.

  Jilin, opened the warm embrace to the students, ignited the passion of the students in Jilin officers, and blew the "horn" of the graduates of Jilin college graduates. The province’s various departments have immediately actions – the organization department of the provincial party committee will lead the total role, coordinate strength, and form a joint force. In the attraction of college graduates, Liji to Ji Chuangxin entrepreneurship and support enterprises and institutions introduced high-level graduates. Research on the drafting policies, continuously increase the introduction of college graduates; the Provincial Department of Education jointly issued "Jilin Province encourages colleges and universities to do a good job in the implementation of employment of graduates, the implementation Measures for the evaluation of employment", first time to stay in college graduates Employment work is included in the scope of performance evaluation of colleges and universities, establish fragmentation insurance, regular dispatching, notification system, implement "five-way hook" incentive measures, provincial talents development funds specialize in 3 million yuan, colleges and universities that have achieved goals and achievements Reward; the Provincial People’s Society is responsible for the characteristics of college graduates, guiding the entrepreneurial innovation, strengthening accurate recruitment services, increases vocational skills training, and actively expands employment trainees, and has a hard work, and further strengthening employment management services, and promoting "policies. Looking for someone, packaging, speeding up the policies, simplifying the employment procedures, strengthening supervision, standardizing the recruitment behavior, solving the "last kilometer" problem of the policy, Changchun City implementation promotes college graduates come (stay) long entrepreneurship service project Start the construction of millions of square meters of talent apartment; release "students staying long red book" mobile version, take graphic interpretation, video display, etc. Graduates staying long; Jilin City formulates "an opinion, six ways", planning for 5 years to introduce 10,000 full-time undergraduate academic qualifications; Shiping City "Yingcheng Yingcai New Government", for all kinds Talents have given corresponding guarantees in the respective aspects of the household policy, the security subsidies, and housing security. …… One-piece policy measures, let college graduates deeply feel full of sincerity and mind. Retaining talent is to keep the future. Jilin is a scientific education in Science and Education. In the province’s entrepreneurial employment work in the province, the province has active action – Jilin University opens up a new path, formulate and implement short-term scientific research assistant and management assistant post setup and personnel in Jilin University. In the implementation plan of employment, I have absorbed 480 graduates’ employment, and become an important force to promote the employment of graduates; the Jilin Agricultural University sent a publicity promotion group composed of academician, school leaders, relevant departments, and went to the government The department conducts centralized publicity promotion, actively docking a number of enterprises and institutions, expands employment channels, and has a targeted manner, a multi-field employment dual selection and other activities such as employment units; Changchun University of Technology is in recruitment activities Adhering to the "Ji" strokes in the exchange activities of the government, priority to ensure the smooth participation of high-quality enterprises in the province, through signing the school, school-enterprise talent strategic cooperation framework agreement, and establishing an internship employment base, give graduates Plenty of choice of space; "Recommended" is an innovative initiative to promote the "provincial employment" in Changchun University of Technology. Breaking the tradition, transforming service ideas, multi-channel understanding of the economic development of enterprises in the province, industrial research cooperation needs, the recruitment needs of enterprises, etc. . Leave people with your career, pay attention to people, pay attention to people, create a heavy atmosphere, and the strong atmosphere of helping, can bring more talents. Henan students Su Hailulin are the graduates of industrial engineering in Jilin University. Not long ago, he would stay in Jilin into FAW. He said, "I was deeply attracted by the development opportunities and talent policies of Jilin. I believe that I can show my hand in here and realize my dreams.

"Shandong students Zhou Tongyuto and master graduated from the School of Optoelectronic Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology. She also actively responded to the provincial employment policy in Jilin Province, and choosing to stay in Changchun City employment development." I am full of confidence in Jilin, I have to stay Here, you will contribute your own light and heat.

"An invitation from the Secretary of the 魔都龙凤网 Provincial Party Committee, let a hot heart passion, a dream of starting a business, and the dream of running.

  According to statistics, "Entrepreneurship has you ‘on the Jilin" report to the end of August, the province organizes more than 1,000 publicity promotion activities, and the number of people participated in the line is more than 200,000, and more than 600 large-scale recruitment activities. Participating in the enterprise is 10,000, an increase of nearly 3 times compared with previous years.

Organize college students in Ji Cai exhibition social practice activities, and participate in people.

At the same time, through the recruitment of civil servants, recruitment of institutions, "three support" plans such as "three support" plans to absorb 10,000 college 上海油压店解禁 graduates.

Our province’s 2021 college graduates (including graduate students) have nearly 90,000 employment, and the employment rate of the province reaches%, and the number of people in the province has increased by 10,000 people.

  Retaining talents is to keep hopes, retaining talents can master competitive opportunities.

  In the future, Jilin will continue to strengthen political, school, enterprises, strengthen policy support, continuous development, intensive online online recruitment activities, enrich graduates’ entrepreneurship selection; around the promotion of college graduates, provincial employment, in civil servants Planning a single column post, specializing in recruiting college graduates; setting up the registration policy in addition to the same as the previous year, will also adopt a provincial and municipal linkage, post from 上海闵行哪里有洗浴会所 the excellent initiative to further enhance post attraction.

In addition, it will also be recruited by organizing the "three support" plans, "special post teachers", "community workers" recruitment, "Western volunteers" recruitment, "employment trainee" plan for college graduates, etc. Attracting talents. Multi-platform sharing, multi-field development, multi-circle layers, multi-channel employment entrepreneurship, attracted more people from joining to the employment entrepreneurial army.

At the same time, the demand space is effectively docked by professional talents, improve the employment of talent provinces, and further improve the admission of teachers and students in colleges and students on Jilin Province’s advantage, people policy, and development potential.

  The market main body is the main provider of employment opportunities. In recent years, the province has in-depth implementation of General Secretary General Secretary to inspect the important instructions of Jilin’s important speech, actively implement the "six-steady six-guarantee" policy, vigorously implement the "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy, close attention to "two to ensure one harmonious" Target, measures, combined, comprehensive force, and the main economic indicators continue to be good, which greatly stimulates the market entity development vitality.

As of late September this year, the total amount of the market in our province has reached 10,000 households. From January to September, the newly registered market main body, the year-on-year growth rate, and the growth rate ranked first in the three northeastern provinces, the third place in the country.

Especially new registered foreign companies, the same year-on-year increase. Looking around, Jilin on the road of high-quality development has formed automotive, petrochemical, agricultural product processing, etc. as the pillar industry, with equipment, medicine, electronic information, etc. as the advantageous industry, energy saving and new energy vehicles, advanced rail traffic equipment, biology New generation information technology such as medical and high-performance medical equipment, satellite and general aviation, precision instruments and equipment, new materials are the mutual support of emerging industries, competing with the development of industrial patterns.

  Bringing a full hope is full of hope. Graduates choose to stay in Jilin entrepreneurial employment, with Jilin Zhenxing, with the same harvest, in Jilin Dadi, to build a business, realize dreams, can be described as just right. Youth is never ending, and the entrepreneurship will never stop. Today’s Jilin is becoming innovative hot soil dreams of all kinds of talents, creates highlands, entrepreneurial parks. With the dream of the youthful fire, you can make youth power in the land of Jilin.

  Entrepreneurship has me, "Just" in Jilin! Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.