Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Danwan District "Cross-border Treatment" pilot launched CITIC Bank to save

  On September 上海后花园交友论坛 10, "Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dashang District" cross-border finance pass "business pilot implementation rules" officially released. The reporter learned in the Shenzhen Bank Shenzhen Branch, as a strategic support of the core engine layout of the Dawan District, the long-standing cross-border business, relying on the close collaboration of domestic and foreign branches, continuously 阿拉爱上海乌托邦 enhancing cross-border customer service experience, and strive to become the first The prize pilots open the "cross-border finance" business mainland bank. As the development of Daban District, "Cross-border Treatment" is followed by QFII, stock access, fund mutual recognition and bond pass, another investment convenience measures to broaden the residents of Dawan District.

Inhabitants in Guangdong, Macao Bay District can enjoy more rich and diverse investment wealth management services through "cross-border finance" business.

  It is reported that "cross-border finance" is divided into "south" and "north".

"Nantong" refers to China’s Harbor, Macau Dawan District Mainland residents through investing in investment in Hong Kong and Macao, the eligible investment products sold by banks and Macao, and more conveniently carry out global asset allocation; "North Dongtong" refers to Hong Kong and Macao residents pass In Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan District, the bank opened an investment in investment, and purchased the eligible investment products sold by the Mainland banks, sharing the results of economic growth in the Mainland.

  Banks in the two places play a vital role in the "cross-border system" business. Among them, the Mainland Bank has to open a remittance account for the Mainland investor "Nantong" business, but also provide investment wealth management services for Hong Kong and Macao investors "North Dongtong" business.

  As a comprehensive commercial bank, CITIC Bank fully utilizes CITIC Group’s finance full-license resources, providing "temperature" wealth management services to "customer preferred wealth management hosted banks".

  According to the relevant person in charge of CITIC Bank, CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch has opened a number of business outlets near Futian, Huanggang, and Luohu Port. Through continuous optimization of products, continuously improve the convenience service, and won the extensive praise of Hong Kong and Macao customers.

CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch will rely on the establishment of investment and research capacity of the head office, build a wealth management investment advisory system, providing high quality financial services for residents in the Bay area. (Reporter Zhu Lin correspondent Zhang Wei Chen Chuanjie).